Why Countrysidecars.ca?

At Countrysidecars.ca, we guarantee 100% approval for your auto finance loan.

Why choose Countrysidecars.ca for online car loans?

  •     We work with several financial companies and banks to offer better rates than your local car dealership and bank
  •     We work with you and the lender directly to provide more assistance, information and follow-through, doing everything we possibly can to help arrange your loan.
  •     Best of all, we offer all our information and services to you for free
  •     We only finance vehicles from Countrysidecars.ca auto dealers so we can ensure your new vehicle meets our strict quality standards.

Who can get a car loan from Countrysidecars.ca?

  •     Anyone can apply for an online car loan through Countrysidecars.ca whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit!
  •     We can work with any type of credit history, credit scores or bankruptcy. We can work with any special financial needs to find the right loan for you.
  •     Our customers include people who are divorced, on a pension, or new to Canada. To find out about customers like you who have been approved through Countrysidecars.ca, check out our Customers page.

How do I apply for auto finance loans through Countrysidecars.ca?

  •     Complete our secure online application. Your application will be handled by a local auto dealer approved by Countrysidecars.ca
  •     Our Customer Service Representative will contact you to review your application and explain financing options
  •     Once your loan is approved, you can finalize the process at the dealer’s office – it all takes less than an hour!

Is it safe to complete the online application?

  •     Our online application is secure
  •     We only provide access to your personal information as laid out in our Security and Privacy Policy statement.
  •     If you are not 100% confident in our online application, you can also apply by telephone. Call us today at  905-721-9436